Saturday, March 8, 2014

Progress of a Conservatory

                                                       The beginning phases of a project
                                                    to build a structural steel conservatory
                                                              under an existing roof!

                                                      We replaced the original columns
                                                  by jacking the roof up and putting in
                                            these large square columns with floating feet.

                                               between each column we built double doors
                                                 with arched transom and panels for glass

                                                  panels and doors on site ready to install

                                             we designed a mechanism for installing on top
                                       of the stone floor so we could weld the sections in place

                                                           the install plates in action

                                 section at a time - we lift them in place by hand, align, and weld

                                                     almost finished and doors working!

                                                                       project two begins -
                                            to patinate the steel to match the copper roof

                                              working with products from Sculpt Nouveau....
                                            we begin with two coats of primer on the structure

                                                                we caulk all seams
                                          for air tight future environment in the Conservatory

                                                              we begin the patina process
                                                              needing just the right mix
                                                                of light and temperature

                                                              the patina well under way
                                                   working with a true chemical reaction
                                                   and protecting the steel at the same time

                                                     creating the similar texture of verdi gris
                                                                   seen on the roof above

                                                   a picture of the whole yet to be added!

Monday, March 3, 2014

small gate with a cathedral in mind part 2

                                          a ton of scrolls to be made

                                                      using a jig to make them uniform


                                                           flattening on the anvil    

                                                                one C scroll complete

                                                             metalwork almost finished

                                              hanging the raw steel gate to check all's well
                                               before applying finish to surface

                                                               the final installation!

                                     with a tough metal coating - darkened silver with red tones

a small gate with a cathedral in mind

 the gate of influence: Salisbury Cathedral, UK - made by Francis Skidmore during 1863-1878

                the site in St. Louis - a columbarium - beautifully built of Missouri red granite

                                     the design adapted for the small gate - pedestrian width

                                           the first step - make the hinges and.................

                                 put them in the column! - we build the gate using these two points

                                                                the handle underway

                                                                 bending huff puff!

                                                                       and a bit more!

                                                                       nearly there....